Prepainted Longspan Roof(available ni different colors and thickness)

  • Corrugated type

  • Rib type

  • Tilespan

Decking GI Type available in different thickness(0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm)

  • Web deck

  • Flat deck

Prepainted Plainsheet available in different colors and Thickness

  • 4'x8'x0.35mm

  • 4'x8'x0.4mm

  • 4'x8'x0.5mm

  • 4'x8'x0.6mm

Stainless Plainsheet available in different thickness(0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm)

  • #202 smoke type

  • #202 mirror type

  • #304 smoke type

  • #304 mirror type

Roofing hardware accessories

  • Tekscrew for wood and steel

  • Blind Rivets

  • Silicone sealant

Polycarbonate available in different colors and thickness

  • Twin wall type

  • Solid type

Insulation foam

1.   Polyethylene Foam

  • 5mm single side foam

  • 5mm double side foam

  • 10mm single side foam

  • 10mm double side foam

  • 20mm single side foam

  • 20mm double side foam

2.   Bubble foil

  • Single bubble single foil

  • Single bubble bubble foil

  • double bubble single foil

  • double bubble double foil


Installation and Replacement of Preprinted Long span Roofing

  • Corrugated type

  • Rib type

  • Tile span type

Maker of different types of gutters and flashings (prepainted and stainless)

  • Spanish type

  • Ordinary/box type

  • Customize/Own design type

Installation of Spandrel Ceiling

  • Prepainted

  • Wood grain

Fabricate roof framing/trusses and ceiling or spandrel framing

Design and Construction of Residential Houses